We meet us often to highline (hlackline at higher altitude) in the Sagentobelbach in Stettbach. We rig there highlines from 30 to 120m long between massive trees across the brook. these are always double secured and according to the tree protection regulations that we have worked with the Grünstadt Zürich.

We are currently around 30 active highliners in the area of Zürich, who do this sport bring something good to the body and mind and have fun. In addition, we even have some of the world’s best highliners in Zürich, whom have already made several world records and, for example, presented highline shows at the Zürifäscht.

Anyone who wants to come should contact us or refer to our Facebook page.

Before you go or rig a highline, you should read the 10 most important points of highline.

Highline workshop

Welcome is anyone who wants to try highline or has already tried and wants to collect further knowledge. The prerequisite is membership in one of the ten slackline clubs in Switzerland. For more info see the link.