Important Update regarding Waterlining in Zürich

We finally did it! Today we received the permit for slacklining at Dynamo (Drahtschmidlisteg to Neumühlequai) for the association of Slacklions – Slackline Zürich. This is an exception that was only granted to us and that will be valid until end of September. If we follow certain rules they will then change it to a permanent permission. Time to celebrate with a first official training and a biiiiiig session!

Please note that part of the agreement with the police is that only association activities are allowed. Individual use for people that are not part of Slacklions – Slackline Zürich is not permited. Members of Slacklions have received more information in an e-mail – please follow these rules when rigging lines tomorrow.

In order to profit of this training and waterline spot in general, it is required to be part of our association Slacklions – Slackline Zürich. This can be done by filling out this form and paying the small membership fee:

Please bring your gear so we have enough setups for a maximum number of waterlines 🙂